Laboratory Services

Westfield Caledonian have an in-house UKAS accredited microbiology laboratory at our Cumbernauld facility.  The laboratory provides analysis services to support our consultancy business and for a number of external clients. 

Our UKAS accreditation covers a wide variety of analyses including Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, TVC, total coliforms, E.coli and E.faecalis.  Our laboratory also provides analysis of air samples for bacteria and fungi.

Other types of analyses can be carried out through our association with partner laboratories and a sample uplift service is also available.

We Provide:

The analysis of potable water is an important tool in the management of water quality. Our laboratory offers a wide range of potable water analysis all of which are based on the Environment Agency Microbiology of Drinking Water and are UKAS accredited.

Total viable counts (TVC) at both 22C & 37C, Coliform and E. coli test are used in the United Kingdom as the primary indicators of water quality. The presence of Coliform bacteria and more specifically E. coli is an indicator of faecal contamination that requires immediate action.

The presence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in drinking water outlets such as vending machines and bottled water dispensers is an indicator of poor hygiene management.

Enterococci and Sulphite reducing anaerobes are secondary indicators of contamination and their presence can be used to help determine the possible source of contamination.

Samples are typically analysed from storage tanks, drinking water outlets, hand wash & shower units, swimming pools & spas and cleaning water outlets especially in the food industry.

Monitoring for the presence of Legionella bacteria in a water system can greatly assist in the control of risk from that system. The Health & Safety Commission, Approved Code of Practice (commonly known as L8), states that samples for Legionella analysis should be sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory.

Our UKAS accredited method is based on ISO 11731: 4.12 Detection and enumeration of Legionella. Following incubation on selective growth media presumptive positive colonies are confirmed by serological testing as either L. pneumophila Sero-group 1, L. pneumophila Sero-groups 2-14 or Legionella species. Any isolates that cannot be confirmed in the laboratory are sent to the Scottish Legionella Reference Laboratory.

Samples are typically analysed from, cooling towers, showers, storage tanks and hot & cold-water outlets. 

The microbiological monitoring of air and surface is a good indicator of the quality of air in the built environment. Air samples can be taken either actively or passively and surfaces can be sampled by contact plates or swabs.

Once incubated in the laboratory the total number of bacteria and or fungi are counted and different groups of organisms reported. In specific cases (food preparation / hygiene) counts of indicator organism such as coliforms and E. coli can also be reported.

Samples are typically analysed from: Internal surfaces of air-conditioning systems, working environment air, food processing / preparation areas and washing / hygiene areas.

Through a network of approved UKAS accredited laboratories Westfield Caledonian offers a range of chemical analysis.

Drinking water must meet a set of chemical parameters set down by the European Directive on water intended for human consumption 98/83/EC.

The concentration of Substances Hazardous to Health for a wide range of operations and processes can be analysed.

Samples are typically analysed from: Water and personnel exposure monitoring